What do I need to get started?
Getting started is very easy. First, you need to prove you are a United States Citizen. A valid U.S. Passport OR a U.S. birth certificate and a photo I.D. are acceptable. After that is taken care of, get in touch with me so that we can get you started!

Do I need to complete or start ground school before I begin flying?
Although it does help, you do not need to have started nor completed the ground school.

When can I start my flying lessons?
You can start as soon the airplane and myself are available!

What is the difference between a Recreational and Private pilot certificate?
A recreational pilot may carry only one passenger, and must remain within 50nm of the departure airport. A private pilot is not limited to the number of passengers they may carry and may fly more than 50nm from the departure airport.

How much does it cost to get a private pilot certificate?
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum of 40 hours. That is broken into 20 hours dual, 10 hours solo. The remaining time may be either dual or solo.

How often should I fly?
I recommend that students fly at least twice a week, and if possible, three is better. The reason for this is that the more you fly the more you retain and progress faster. I have had students in the past that were only able to fly once a week. If we had to cancel the flight because of weather, that student would fall behind, and we would have to spend more time reviewing and less time working on new skills.

Is there a certain time or a better time of year to start flying?
Living in Durango, Colorado we are blessed with great weather year around. To choose one season over another is difficult for me, because they each have their own good and bad points.

Fall is a beautiful time to fly because of the colors, cooler temperatures, nice performance of the airplane, and fewer bumps. We still have the turbulence in the afternoons, and the occasional thunder storms rolling through.

Winter is the smoothest and we get the best performance from the airplane. However, it can be very chilly while performing the pre-flight inspection.

Spring can be a fun time to fly. Watching how the snow melts away and the green gradually overtakes the fields. The only down side to spring time is that we can have some strong winds in the afternoons. But that is the best time to sharpen your skills!

Summer is my favorite. It is warm enough to leave the windows open and I don’t wonder if I should take my coat off or not. There is some turbulence and we have to watch out for the thunderstorms that roll in during the afternoons.

Am I too old/too young to start?
I have had students that ranged from 12 to 80! A person must be at least 16 to solo, and 17 to become a recreational/private pilot. What are YOU waiting for?

How long should I plan for getting my pilots license?
This is a difficult question to answer because each person learns at a different pace. I have had students that were able to complete their training in two or three months, and others have taken longer.

What type of planes will I be able to fly once I get my license?
As a recreational pilot, you will be limited to any single engine, fixed landing gear airplane that is less than 180 horsepower, and no more than four seats.        

A private pilot will be limited to any single engine, fixed landing gear airplane that is less than 200 horsepower.

With additional training and an instructor endorsement, a Private Pilot may fly an aircraft with retractable landing gear, and more than 200 horsepower.